Papertrey May Blog Hop Challenge

Still playing with my new toys from Papertray Ink and still using the fabulous colors from the curent Color Throwdown challenge. You may see this colors for a while.....

And yes, I really need to learn to use my Canon. Quickly!

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Papertrey May Blog Hop Challenge

After CASE-ing Ardyth, let's try a Susan Raihala style.

I got very inspired ny the color combo in the current Color Throwdown challenge. I have done three cards in like 30 min, and I could continue forever (if there where no kids, no husband and no new project on repainting my patio table .... more about that in a cuple of days).

I will start with the first one I did. It was also an occasion to play with the new stamps from Paperty Ink (Dot Spot) that I just recieved today. Today being also a day of from work. perfect!

So here is the baby (last version)

 Why last? Because there where others...


3 colors, 3 flowers and the importance of buying lots of material!

I hove a new passion for paper crafting. And when you have a new passion, you discover artists that inspire you (in my case, is more like I discover artists and I want to be them!). 

So, in this area, I have discovered a lot of people who do amazing things. But there are two which are Queens for me!

One is Susan Raihala and the other is Ardyth Percy-Rob. I love both of them. 

Everybody does a great card now and then. Even me. What impresses me is that - first - each card that they are making is great. Great! Secondly, they have "their" style and touch. It is at the point where you can see a card and say, it's Susan. Or Ardyth.

Anyway, I decided to try and CASE this card from Ardyth.


70's hugs

Yes, yes, another 70's card. How come, right!

Still, I'm very happy with it, the color scheme at the Runway Inspired Challenge really ... insipired me. I have a second one, in the 70's style also, but I will post it tomorrow.

As for the technique, really simple (but requiring some patience): punching, cuting, glueing, stamping the sentiment. And here you are, my retro beauty.

A miracle has happened

MIRACLE, my husband, who usually has little interest in whatever I do in my craft room, has asked me to do a card for the daughter of one of his friend who would be nine soon.

He wanted butterflies (he wanted butterflies??????). He wanted sparkle (he wanted sparkle????).

Please undestand my shock. My husband is a minimalist architect. Nothing is simple enough. Nothing is white enough.

This explains his lack of special interest in my crafting. If I would do only white cards, than maybe..... And God know I do love CAS myself and always find my cards (and paintings, and ceramics) are not simple enough....but....

Anyway, I thought I would take the opportunity and do a third card for the current Addicted to CAS challenge (Over the edge).

By the way, he was happy with the result!!!!!

This card was also the opportunity to test different supplies for watercolouring. I tried Inktense pencils, Lyra Aquacolor pencils and Caran d'Ache Museum. All are great but Caran d'Ache has won my heart.

And here is the card. I have done also a video on how it was done (complex, belive me!). I will post it as soon as I had time to edit it. Stay tuned.

Over the edge

Two cards for one challenge over at addicted to CAS challenge 38. I took the opportunity to play a bit with watercolors after taking the online class. I do prefer the one with the stars, but the pictures don't do justice to both of them. Maybe taking the picture in the garden was not the best idea....

I may try a third one, will see how the evening goes.

Both were created by watercolouring and then using salt, as seen on the current Watercolor online class. I do prefer the result on the blue one, the second one is to ... busy for me.


Tiny flowers

I made this card for the OLS current challenge (Fabulous Flowers).
As it respects the rule of thirds (great rule, by the way) it goes to the CAS-ual Fridays as well.

But I have a problem. Not a card related problem. A language related problem.

I have started this blog to share my (new fund) pleasure of doing cards. And participating to related challenges. But all card related things are happening in the English speaking part of the world (and Web). 

So it needed to be in English. 

English is not, by far, my mother tongue. Actually not even French (which is my day to day language) is my mother tongue, but I'm pretty sure of my spelling in French. Not so in English.... So, you English readers, must have a lot of understanding and find me excuses whenever I invent a word, or a spelling, or whatever speaking or writting disaster. Call it creativity, for instance.

But card have their own language, yes?

So here is mine