70's rock

I have already posted about my love of all design related to 70's and 60's (and 30's and...). 

And I think my love of rather CAS cards, or evrything with clean and unclutered design, really, is pretty obvious when looking at what I end up designing (even if I am never fully satisfied with the level of simplicity ... but then simplicity is an art, and art needs suffering).

So, this being said, here is result reflecting a bit of all this.... Probablly nothing revolutionary, but looking at this card makes me .. smile ... and willing to dance (rock, of course) ... and dreaming about flower and power, ha!

Technicaly speaking, nothing fancy ... gradually increasing die cutted circles, a heart with somme Glossy Accents (Of course! Will I ever manage to do a card WHITHOUT Glossy Accents, that is the question?), stamping a sentiment in a coordinating color....

And a detail view ...

As it has a (small) heart, it goes to the current Case Study challenge asap ;)

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