Paper gift for a dear friend - tutorial

Today, one of my dear friends would celebrate his 40's! Such a nice occasion to have a personalized set of cards. And this is even nicer with a beautiful enveloppe box to hold them right?

So let's go to work.

First you need to create the template, like so.

After cutting the corners, use a bone folder to crease the lines and build the box. Use score tape to stick it together.

Ad your embelishment, or cut a funny border to add a finishing touch. Me, I choose a die-cutted feather that I covered in glitter. All this very trendy gray needed some sparkle, right?

For the cards, I simply stamped the corners and embossed his initials on each card (which you don't see in the picture because of the perspective, but belive me :)

And here is the result, love it! Hope he will too.....

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